Video of hammer hitting guard on head and stealing pistol in Kharaadar goes viral


Photo: Video grab

Karachi: A video of a security guard at a mosque in Khairuddar being hit on the head with a hammer and robbed of his pistol has gone viral on social media.
The video shows the security guard at the Jamia Khani mosque in the Docks area of Khairuddar sitting on a chair performing his duty when an attacker with a hammer in hand attacks the security guard.
The attacker hits the security guard on the head with force, snatches his pistol, and easily deprives the passengers standing near the mosque of their mobile phones, cash, and other valuable items at gunpoint before fleeing.
Upon contacting, SHO Pervez Solangi stated that a case of the incident has been registered in the Allah Bachayo police station and the culprit involved in the incident will be arrested soon. It was clear that the mosque is located a few steps away from the Docks police station.


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