US Declares it is not Pursuing War with Iran Following Jordan Attack


US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin promised to defend US troops following a deadly drone attack in Jordan that killed three soldiers and wounded more than 40. President Joe Biden’s administration emphasized that they were not seeking a war with Iran. Austin expressed outrage and sorrow for the troops’ deaths and stated that the US would take all necessary actions to defend its forces. The administration stressed that they did not want the situation to escalate, and the Pentagon suggested that Iran did not want a war either. The US is investigating the attack and considering potential response options. The attack and possible US response raise concerns about wider conflict in the Middle East. The United States has already taken retaliatory action in response to previous attacks by Iran-backed groups. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak expressed concern and urged Iran to de-escalate. Experts caution that strikes against Iranian forces could lead to further escalation and drag the US into a major Middle East war.


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