US Ambassador Congratulates the People of Pakistan on Independence Day


ISLAMABAD: Donald Blome, the United States Ambassador to Pakistan, extends his warm greetings to the people of Pakistan on the occasion of its 76th Independence Day.

In an official statement released by the US Embassy in Islamabad, Ambassador Blome emphasized the strength of the relationship between the United States and Pakistan over the past year.

He highlighted the collaborative efforts undertaken to address major challenges such as healthcare, energy, and climate change, especially in the aftermath of last year’s devastating floods. The U.S.-Pakistan Green Alliance, a remarkable joint initiative, aims to tackle environmental issues, while simultaneously generating employment opportunities and fostering new industries for the betterment of both nations.

Ambassador Donald Blome further stated that the United States and Pakistan will continue to work together to create a sustainable, resilient, and prosperous future.

It is worth noting that Pakistan celebrates its 76th Independence Day on the 14th of August (Monday) with traditional zeal and enthusiasm.

Various activities and events will be organized nationwide, focusing on commemorating the struggles and sacrifices made by the nation’s founding leaders and heroes for the attainment of an independent homeland.

The public and private sectors will host special functions including seminars, discussions, photography exhibitions, paintings, poetry recitals, national songs, and debate competitions, all dedicated to honoring the contributions of the Pakistan Movement leaders and national heroes.


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