US Airman dies after self-immolation at Israeli embassy protesting Gaza conflict – Global News


An unidentified US airman passed away after he set himself ablaze outside the Israeli embassy in Washington over the weekend to protest against the recent Gaza assault, as per the Air Force on Monday. The incident marked an escalation in the ongoing protests across the United States against Israel’s actions in Gaza. On Sunday, emergency services responded to a call about a person on fire outside the Israeli Embassy in Washington, where the man filmed himself shouting “Free Palestine” as he ignited himself. He was transported to the hospital with critical injuries, ultimately succumbing to them on Sunday night, according to the Air Force. The Israeli embassy confirmed that none of their staff were harmed during the incident. The man, dressed in military attire, proclaimed that he would not be complicit in genocide before setting himself on fire and shouting “Free Palestine” until he collapsed. The video was initially shared on Twitch. International pressure mounts on the United States to urge Israel to cease the conflict in Gaza as the death toll reaches approximately 30,000, with the health ministry in Gaza confirming the numbers. Washington recently blocked a UN Security Council resolution seeking an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. Some voters in Joe Biden’s Democratic Party are pushing for action on the issue, with Arab American voters in Michigan planning to vote “uncommitted” or write in “Free Palestine” on ballots in the state’s primary. Despite portraying frustration with Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, US weapon supplies to Israel persisted since the conflict erupted. Efforts to broker a ceasefire have not been successful thus far. In ongoing multinational discussions on Sunday, the US reported progress towards a potential deal for Hamas to release hostages and for a ceasefire. While domestic protests have been mostly peaceful, a person outside the Israeli consulate in Atlanta also set themselves on fire in December.


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