UN’s Libya envoy resigns due to lack of political advancement | News


UN special envoy Abdoulaye Bathily has expressed frustration with the lack of political will and good faith of Libyan leaders, making UN governance efforts in the country futile. Due to these challenges, Bathily has resigned from his position, stating that the UN cannot successfully support Libya’s political transition when leaders prioritize their own interests over finding a solution.

During a briefing to the Security Council, Bathily condemned the lack of commitment by Libyan leaders, leading to the deterioration of the situation in the country. He announced the delay of a national reconciliation conference and emphasized the need for current leaders to stop prioritizing their own interests over the needs of the Libyan people.

Despite efforts to bring calm to the conflict-ridden country, Libya remains divided between a UN-recognized government in Tripoli and a rival administration in the east. The postponement of elections and disagreements over constitutional amendments have further complicated the situation.

Bathily, who took on the role in September 2022, succeeded Jan Kubis, who resigned abruptly the year prior. With ongoing challenges and obstacles, the path towards a stable political process in Libya remains uncertain.


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