Ukraine Commemorates 10 Years since Maidan ‘Revolution of Dignity’ | Updates on Russia-Ukraine Conflict


A decade ago, Ukraine’s pro-democracy and pro-Europe demonstrations in Maidan square were hailed by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy as the “first victory” in its ongoing struggle with Russia. The protests, also known as the “Revolution of Dignity”, led to the ouster of Kremlin-backed President Victor Yanukovych and the rise of a new generation of leaders advocating for anti-corruption and democracy.

Zelenskyy praised Ukraine’s progress towards European Union membership and its continued fight for sovereignty, as Russian forces continue their invasion of the country. Foreign leaders have made trips to Kyiv in a show of support, with German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius and European Council President Charles Michel among those reaffirming their solidarity with Ukraine.

However, Russia has blamed Ukraine and the West for the ongoing war, with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs questioning the impact of Ukraine’s move towards Europe and accusing Western colonisers of determining its domestic and foreign policy. Russia’s Foreign Ministry also emphasized the need for Ukraine to be “de-militarised and de-nazified” in order to end the war.


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