Trump’s Victory Over Nikki Haley in South Carolina


Donald Trump’s significant primary victory over Nikki Haley in South Carolina was the result of a strategic campaign to neutralize her as a threat, as per aides and insiders.

Despite having previous wins, winning South Carolina was crucial for Trump, especially against a two-term governor who was locally popular.

The plan was to politically isolate Haley by securing endorsements from numerous officials in the state early on, showing she had no chance in South Carolina, according to sources familiar with the Trump campaign strategy.

Trump’s victory, while not a landslide, was still a comfortable 20 percentage points ahead of Haley in her home state.

A senior Trump campaign adviser, speaking anonymously to Reuters, emphasized the need for endorsements to counter Haley’s influence.

Key endorsements played a vital role in Trump’s success in South Carolina, along with data harvesting from rally attendees.

Trump’s allies meticulously gathered endorsements, including those from influential figures like the state’s governor and lieutenant governor, to ensure his dominance in the state.

The campaign’s efforts to secure endorsements began well before Trump officially announced his candidacy, underscoring the meticulous planning involved.

Despite the endorsement windfall for Trump, Haley’s campaign persisted, buoyed by volunteers and a conservative platform.

While seeking endorsements is common in U.S. presidential politics, the sheer number played a crucial role in South Carolina, particularly given Haley’s connections to the state.

A sought-after endorsement from Senator Tim Scott, who had a history with both Trump and Haley, further bolstered Trump’s campaign in South Carolina.

Scott’s public endorsement of Trump dealt a significant blow to Haley’s prospects in the state.

Despite facing defeat on home turf, Haley remained determined to continue her presidential campaign, defying expectations set by Trump and his allies.


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