Three Candidates Emerge as Top Contenders for Caretaker Sindh Chief Minister


As the political parties in Sindh gear up to select the caretaker chief minister, three names have emerged as the favourites for the top slot. According to sources, Shoaib Siddiqui, Younus Dagha, and Dr Safdar Abbasi are the leading contenders.

The MQM-P and GDA will hold a crucial meeting on Thursday to finalize the names for the caretaker Sindh chief minister and the cabinet members. This meeting will mark the third round of discussions between the two parties.

The opposition leader in the Sindh assembly, Rana Ansar, will present three names after completing the consultation process. The GDA had previously recommended seven names for the Sindh CM’s position, while MQM-P suggested two names.

The consultation process has been expedited after the announcement of the dissolution of the national assembly on August 9th, along with the provincial assemblies, and the establishment of caretaker set-ups.

The recommended names from the MQM-P include former Commissioner Karachi, Shoaib Siddiqui, who has extensive experience in various institutions, and Younus Dagha, a prominent industrialist and former federal secretary.

Formal consultations between the Chief Minister of Sindh, Murad Ali Shah, and the Leader of Opposition, Rana Ansar, regarding the provincial caretaker setup will commence after August 11th. The government and opposition leaders will discuss the caretaker setup for Sindh following the dissolution of the provincial assembly.


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