The unraveling of Biden’s White House iftar during the Gaza war: Israel’s war on Gaza news


The White House has decided to cancel a Ramadan iftar meal after multiple Muslim Americans declined the invitation in protest of President Joe Biden’s support for Israel’s actions in Gaza, sources familiar with the situation confirmed. Edward Ahmed Mitchell of CAIR stated that the event was called off due to the numerous cancellations, including from those who had initially accepted the invitation.

Originally planned as a smaller community iftar, reports from CNN and NPR indicated the change in plans on Tuesday. Instead, the White House will now hold a meal exclusively for Muslim government staffers and have a separate meeting with a select few Muslim American community leaders.

This cancellation highlights Biden’s challenge in addressing the rising discontent within US Arab and Muslim communities over his unwavering support for Israel. Critics warn that this frustration could impact Biden’s election prospects in November.

The White House spokesperson, Karine Jean-Pierre, confirmed that Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will meet with Muslim “community leaders” on Tuesday. When asked about the change in format for the event, she explained that the decision was made in response to the request for a meeting to discuss important issues. Activists, however, view the meeting as another symbolic gesture rather than a meaningful dialogue.

Several Muslim American organizations, including Emgage, declined the invitation for the meeting, expressing concerns about the US’s support for Israel and the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Emgage CEO Wa’el Alzayat emphasized the need for a policy meeting with representatives chosen by the community, not by the White House.

Despite occasional expressions of concern about Israeli actions, the Biden administration has maintained its commitment to supporting Israel and providing weapons. The lack of meaningful change in policy following discussions with administration officials has led to frustration among Arab and Muslim Americans.

Salima Suswell of the Black Muslim Leadership Council highlighted the importance of Muslim Americans directly sharing their perspectives with Biden. She will be attending Tuesday’s meeting at the White House to emphasize the stakes for Muslim and Black voters in the upcoming election.


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