The Japanese royal family makes a low-key debut on Instagram


With over 450,000 followers already, Japan’s typically private royal family has made their debut on Instagram, with their account @kunaichi_jp showcasing various official duties and activities. Their first post featured Emperor Naruhito, Empress Masako, and Princess Aiko celebrating New Year’s Day, while their most recent post showed the couple visiting areas affected by a recent earthquake. The account aims to give the public a better understanding of the family’s engagements and was launched as Instagram is popular among younger audiences. Despite the formal nature of the posts and strict factual captions, some social media users appreciate the insight into the royal family’s activities. While the account does not allow for comments, followers can engage with the content by liking posts or contacting the family through the official website. The decision to join Instagram was favored over other social media platforms, reflecting a desire for a more controlled and refined public image. Other royal families worldwide, including Denmark, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom, have active social media accounts, highlighting a growing trend in using digital platforms to engage with the public.


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