The Green New Deal: Ending Fossil Fuel Civilization


In the book “The Green New Deal” by Jeremy Rifkin, it is revealed that the world is dangerously close to experiencing catastrophic climate change events. The author highlights the increasing concern among observers regarding severe weather events and other signs of a changing climate, which result in significant damage to life and property.

However, there is hope in the younger generation’s participation in the sharing economy. Through sharing housing, office space, vehicles, tools, and more, people are using fewer Earth resources and reducing carbon emissions. This, however, is just the beginning.

Rifkin emphasizes the need for infrastructure overhaul and the abandonment of old ways of doing things. Time is running out as the author projects that if changes are not made, the fossil fuel civilization has less than a decade left. He acknowledges that despite efforts by the fossil fuel industries to delay this transition, change is inevitable.

The book presents a comprehensive program for a sustainable future and expresses hope for the emergence of a “biosphere consciousness.” It emphasizes the urgency of remaking the doomed fossil fuel economy before it’s too late.


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