The Election Paradox: Pakistan 2024


Image: PAKISTAN is holding elections amidst uncertainty, with the outcome seemingly predetermined. However, surprises cannot be ruled out. The results of the 2024 polls will have a major impact on Pakistani politics, potentially changing the country’s power equation. With the PTI virtually out of the equation, it seems that Nawaz Sharif’s return to power may be on the horizon. The polls could still bring surprises, with a large turnout or the return of independents potentially altering the power game. The recent conviction of imprisoned former Prime Minister Imran Khan just days before the polls reflects a desperate attempt to block him and his party from the electoral process. These rushed and questionable verdicts have exposed the sordid game being played by the security establishment, casting a shadow over the elections. Attempts to discourage PTI voters and repressive tactics against the party may not be effective, as social media and artificial intelligence are being used to mobilize supporters. While Punjab is the main battleground, the outcome in other provinces will also be critical. Attempts to manipulate the election may face limits, and the results could prove a serious test for the security establishment.


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