Taylor Swift Bodyguard Fired After Viral Video Surfaces


A security guard working for renowned American singer Taylor Swift was recently terminated from his position following the emergence of a viral video showcasing him enjoying one of her concerts.

The individual in question, Calvin Denker, was an employee of the security company BEST and the footage of him singing along to one of Taylor Swift’s songs during the Minneapolis leg of her ‘Eras Tour’ gained widespread attention on the internet. Consequently, he came under scrutiny and was subsequently dismissed from his job.

Denker shared details about the incident on TikTok, explaining that he was fired for requesting fans to send him any pictures and videos that he appeared in. He mentioned, “My former security company stated that they had a policy against taking photos with any of the performers, and their main concern was with my follow-up video where I asked for pieces of paper to be passed around to those in front of me, on which they could request the photos. Beyond that, the HR representative who contacted me struggled to articulate exactly what I had done wrong because I had simply asked for photos, which is common practice at any other concert, with the exception being that I made sure to receive any that I was included in.”

The photos portraying Denker behind the barricade, ensuring Taylor Swift’s safety and the enjoyment of her fans, were shared on social media. Denker emphasized that he never filmed himself during her shows.


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