Taxila main police ki badsaluki ke khilaf mukadma darj, mutasire khatoon aur betay ke khilaf hi mukadma darj


In the area of Thana Texla, the police showed misconduct towards a woman in front of a medical store, by pocketing money from her and filing a theft case against her and her son.
According to the details, a case was registered in Thana Texla based on the statement of a citizen named Saad Khan. The citizen explained that he was standing in front of the gate of the medical store in Texla and there were several people gathered there, including a woman and a man who came up to me.
The citizen stated that the man put his hand in my pocket and took out two thousand rupees and my identity card, which I realized right away. I immediately restrained the man and he disclosed his name as Basheer. When the woman moved a little away, I called the police for help and Sub Inspector Muhammad Sajjad and ASI Imtiaz Naseer and other police officers came to my aid.
It is worth mentioning that a video of the misconduct incident with the woman surfaced, upon which Maryam Nawaz took notice of the incident even before becoming the Chief Minister. Upon her recommendation, the Chief Minister of Punjab ordered an immediate inquiry by the CPO Rawalpindi Khalid Hamdani, which led to the dismissal of ASI Imtiaz Naseer from service and also issued a show-cause notice. However, on the same day, the same woman was also named in the case.


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