Swedish Police Attempt to Stop Man Protesting Desecration of Holy Quran


In the Swedish capital of Stockholm, plainclothes police recently tried to suppress a man protesting against the desecration of the Holy Quran by Iraqi-born refugee Salwan Momika. Kais Tunisia was expressing his discontent loudly in response to Momika’s act, which took place in front of the Stockholm Mosque. Tunisia defended his actions as a form of freedom of expression.

Tunisia expressed his surprise at the police’s response, stating that when Momika insulted the Holy Quran and the Muslim community, the police immediately intervened and warned Tunisia not to raise his voice. Tunisia condemned this double standard, as the police had allowed the provocateur to use a megaphone to carry out his offensive actions in front of the mosque.

Despite the reactions of those present, Momika threw the Holy Quran on the ground, trampled on it, uttered disrespectful words against Islam, and set it on fire. He then left the scene in an armored police vehicle accompanied by a convoy of approximately 20 police vehicles and 100 officers.

This incident is part of a disturbing trend of desecration of the Holy Quran carried out by Islamophobic figures or groups, particularly in northern European and Nordic countries. Momika had previously targeted the Holy Quran on August 14 in Stockholm, and with the help of Salwan Najem, also of Iraqi origin, he repeated the act on August 18 in front of the Iranian embassy in Stockholm, under police control.

It is essential to respect all religious beliefs and ensure the safety and dignity of individuals. Acts of desecration like these not only harm the sentiments of the affected communities but also undermine the principles of freedom of expression by promoting hate and discrimination. Society must strive to foster mutual understanding and respect for all faiths and cultures, creating an environment where diversity is celebrated and protected.


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