Supreme Court ruling will not hinder Nawaz Sharif, assures PM Shehbaz


In a conversation with senior media persons, Prime Minister Shehbaz stated that Nawaz Sharif has served his five-year disqualification term.

Shehbaz Sharif expressed confidence that the recent Supreme Court verdict would not be a hindrance for Nawaz Sharif.

The reference was made to the apex court’s ruling on Friday, which invalidated the Supreme Court (Review of Judgments and Orders) Act 2023.

A three-member bench led by Chief Justice Bandial announced the reserved verdict on pleas challenging the Supreme Court (Review of Judgments and Orders) Act 2023.

The judgment was reserved after six hearings on June 19, during which arguments were presented by both sides.

“We have safeguarded the state while putting our politics at stake,” said Shehbaz Sharif.

“The disqualification period has been set at five years following an amendment in the election law. Nawaz Sharif will be our candidate,” he reiterated.

The prime minister also mentioned that consultations with the opposition for the caretaker prime minister would take place today. “If the opposition leader and I are unable to reach a consensus, then there are parliamentary committee and election commission forums to make a decision,” he stated.

“After the new population census, it is the responsibility of the election commission to conduct the election,” he added.

“We have experienced consequences in the past, and the country has suffered significant losses. Where are we now compared to our neighbors after 75 years?” he questioned.

He further mentioned that the Council of Common Interests (CCI) has decided to hold the vote based on the new census. “The election commission, not us or the interim government, is responsible for conducting the election,” he concluded.


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