Prime Minister Kakar emphasizes the importance of balancing social order and the rule of law


Interim Prime Minister, Anwaarul Haq Kakar, stated on Saturday that social order should never be compromised for the sake of the rule of law. He emphasized the need to strike a balance between the two in order to maintain a functioning society. PM Kakar made these remarks during an interactive session with a delegation of students from Harvard, who are currently visiting Pakistan. Various topics were discussed during the meeting, including the state of democracy, the economy, brain drain, and the challenges Pakistan faces with terrorism.

PM Kakar spoke about the future of democracy in Pakistan, stating that the incomplete completion of a government’s tenure is not undemocratic. He pointed out that democracy guarantees the strength of the Parliament and that over the past 15 years, Pakistan has had successive three stints of Parliament. He also emphasized that democracy is not an event but a process.

In reference to India, PM Kakar stated that democracy in their neighbor country has been heading towards electoral autocracy. He questioned whether this is the kind of democracy that other countries like the USA, UK, and France would want. He stressed the importance of prioritizing social and political order for the security and well-being of the country.

PM Kakar also discussed the social contract to ensure the rights of citizens. He mentioned that Pakistan cannot completely disconnect from America if it wants to remain connected with global technology, research, and development. However, he also stated that Pakistan does not agree with everything America does and they have a healthy disagreement. He highlighted Pakistan’s contribution to global peace, security, and the economy, citing their role in fighting against Marxist ideas during the Cold War.

In terms of Pakistan’s financial position, PM Kakar noted that the real challenge lies in their expenditure habits and revenue generation. He emphasized the need to rationalize expenditure and increase the tax net to generate more revenue. He also talked about the importance of investing in human resources and developing individuals.

Addressing the issue of brain drain, PM Kakar stated that it should be seen as an opportunity rather than a challenge. He mentioned that those who choose to stay abroad contribute to their societies and indirectly benefit Pakistan through remittances. He encouraged individuals to reach the zenith of their professions, whether they are at home or abroad.

Overall, PM Kakar highlighted the importance of maintaining social order while upholding the rule of law. He emphasized the need for a balanced approach to ensure the well-being and rights of citizens.


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