Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico in critical condition following shooting incident | Current Events


Deputy Prime Minister Kalinak has confirmed that Prime Minister Robert Fico is stable following emergency surgery after being shot five times in an attempted assassination in Handlova, Slovakia. Although Fico’s condition remains very serious, doctors were able to stabilise him during the night. The alleged attacker, a 71-year-old writer, has been taken into custody, with a state security council meeting scheduled for further discussion.
Environment Minister Taraba reported that the operation was successful, with Fico sustaining injuries to his stomach and a joint. Interior Minister Sutaj Estok stated that the attack was politically motivated, linking it to the recent presidential election. Fico’s ally, Peter Pellegrini, called the attack an unprecedented threat to Slovak democracy, highlighting the importance of expressing political opinions through peaceful means.
Fico was initially treated in Handlova but was later transferred to Banska Bystrica for further care. The attack has been condemned by Russia and Fico’s European counterparts, with wishes for his full recovery. Slovakia has experienced political polarization in recent years, with Fico’s government making controversial decisions regarding Ukraine, corruption, and media freedoms since his return to power last October.


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