Sindh Police approves millions of funds for new vehicles in operation against dacoits.


The Chief Minister has also directed the police to expedite actions against street criminals and robbers—Photo: File

Karachi: The Sindh government has approved funds worth millions of rupees, including a subsidy to keep the People Bus Service fare at Rs 50 until June, in order to strengthen and mobilize the police in the province in line with public interest.
According to a statement issued from the office of Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah, a provincial cabinet meeting was held at the Chief Minister’s House under the chairmanship of the Chief Minister, where provincial ministers, advisors, chief secretary, and other relevant officials attended.
Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah approved funding of Rs 177.517 million for the purchase of operational vehicles to strengthen and mobilize various wings of the police.
He said that in collaboration with other law enforcement agencies, the police will expedite actions against street criminals, robbers, and drug mafias in Karachi and across the province.
He stated that during an important meeting on peace and security at the Chief Minister’s House, President of Pakistan Asif Zardari gave clear instructions for this purpose, and I want peace and security restored at all costs.
The Home Department informed the cabinet that the Sindh Police, (IG, SSU, CTD, Special Branch, SPY) , Safe Cities Authority and Sindh Forensic Science Laboratory have requested the purchase of vehicles for operational purposes.
The cabinet was told that Sindh Police’s 405 vehicles, which are now completely unusable, should be provided funds for the purchase of vehicles, and after deliberation, the Home Department was granted approval of Rs 177.514 million for the purchase of vehicles for operational purposes.
Murad Ali Shah said that his government has provided better weapons, ammunition and packages of salaries to the police force, as well as vehicles, to make the force more stable and mobile.
He acknowledged the efforts of the police in maintaining peace and security in the city and rural areas, and expressed confidence that they will continue to show the same enthusiasm in the future.
The cabinet was informed that the People Bus Service subsidy of Rs 50, amounting to Rs 597.756 million, was approved to be continued until June 30, 2024, with 50% having been issued, amounting to Rs 289.878 million, while the remaining 50% amounting to Rs 289.878 million have yet to be issued.
The provincial cabinet stopped the existing fare of the People Bus Service at Rs 50 and approved the issuance of Rs 289.878 million to keep the subsidized fare until June 30, 2024.
The cabinet also approved the issuance of Rs 1.18 billion for the submission of duties of another 90 buses in the People Bus Service, which were purchased under the NRCT.
The meeting revealed that the Department of School Education had prepared additional budget summaries for the provision of free textbooks from kindergarten to tenth grade, and approval was also given for additional funds of Rs 3.5 billion for the purchase of books for the educational year 2023-2024.
The Chief Minister was informed that the formal budget of the Sindh Textbook Board is Rs 2530 million, of which Rs 1,265 million have been issued, while the Board has not yet submitted audit reports for the financial year 2021-2020.
The cabinet decided to issue Rs 3.5 billion and directed the Department of School Education to audit STBB and present a report to the cabinet.


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