Sindh High Court: Lost individuals’ family members pain left unacknowledged


Karachi: The Sindh High Court has ordered the authorities to expedite the investigations and actions for the recovery of 11 missing persons, including siblings, and to compensate their families and bring back the citizens who have gone missing.
According to Express News, the High Court heard the petitions for the recovery of 11 missing persons, including siblings. The lawyers argued that the citizens have been taken into custody from various areas, and the order for their recovery should be given.
The court expressed dissatisfaction with the performance of the provincial government and the police. Justice Arshad Hussain Khan remarked, “Do you not feel the pain of the families of missing persons? It will be so difficult for them to spend every moment worrying about their missing loved ones.”
Justice Zulfiqar Ali Sangi remarked on the court’s orders regarding the recovery and compensation of the citizens, stating that it is regrettable to see the attitude of the police and the provincial government.
The court had ordered that compensation be provided to the families of the missing persons forcibly and questioned whether the police officers and secretaries have been sleeping for the past three months.
The police informed the court that the whereabouts of the person have been identified, but the exchange was postponed until the next hearing. Is all this not a joke with the court? A police officer mentioned that they have written to various departments but have not received any response.
Justice Arshad Hussain remarked, “We do not know when and how it will be done. Speed up the investigations and recovery of missing persons.”
The court also expressed dissatisfaction with federal and provincial government lawyers for not implementing the court’s orders regarding the missing persons’ cases. The court said in remarks that the lawyers stand up with cases without knowing anything about them.
A government lawyer stated that those whose forced disappearance has been determined will be compensated by the provincial government, as some families have not submitted applications to the Interior Ministry.
The focal person of the Interior Ministry stated that for those whose applications have been received, summary for compensation has been sent to the Chief Minister of Sindh.
The court ordered the authorities to compensate the families of the missing persons forcibly. The court also ordered immediate measures for the recovery of Syed Masab, Tahir Ali, Javed, Moaz, Talha, and others.


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