Shopkeeper tortures and kills 14-year-old boy


A 14-year-old boy named Asif was working as a helper at a shop owned by Munawar Own in Jampur city, Punjab.

During a quarrel, the shopkeeper violently assaulted the boy, causing boiling water and oil to spill on the victim. The accused also prevented anyone from intervening during the torture.

The injured boy was taken to the hospital but unfortunately died from his burn injuries after six days of treatment.

Meanwhile, the police have arrested Munawar Own and Sajjad Hussain and filed a case against them. The child’s body has been returned to his family, who reside in Babalwali.

In a similar incident in 2022, employers in the Defence area of Lahore killed an 11-year-old domestic worker and injured his brother for eating food from their refrigerator without permission.

After the incident, the house owners left the two boys at the hospital and fled. Sadly, one of the boys died from his injuries, according to the police.


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