Ships carrying nearly 400 tonnes of food depart from Cyprus to Gaza to aid in relief efforts | Recent developments in Israel-Gaza conflict


A convoy of three ships has set sail from Larnaca Port in Cyprus, bound for the Gaza Strip, carrying nearly 400 tonnes of food and supplies. This aid mission comes as people in Gaza are facing hunger amidst ongoing conflict with Israel.

The cargo, which departed on Saturday, includes ready-to-eat items like rice, pasta, flour, and canned vegetables, along with proteins and dates for Ramadan. The shipment is being taken to Gaza by a cargo ship and a platform towed by a salvage vessel.

NGOs and rights organizations have accused Israel of deliberately blocking aid to Gaza, leading to warnings of famine in the besieged enclave. The mission, funded mainly by the UAE and supported by the Cypriot authorities, aims to provide over one million meals to those in need.

In addition to the aid shipment, two forklifts and a crane were dispatched to assist with future marine deliveries. The United States is also planning to construct a floating pier off Gaza to receive aid, with a target completion date of May 1.

Amidst the conflict, the UN and international aid agencies have warned of an impending famine in Gaza. The US military has conducted airdrops of aid, but humanitarian groups say more aid must be allowed by road for the situation to improve.

Efforts to distribute aid face challenges such as security issues, lack of cooperation with Israeli authorities, and a scarcity of trucks and fuel. The urgency of the situation has prompted calls for increased efforts to prevent famine in Gaza.


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