Shikayat darj against Sunny Deol for betrayal, fraud and embezzlement


Photo: Internet

Mumbai: According to Indian media, the police have issued a notice to Sunny Deol, but his team has apologized for his absence from the city. Film producer Saru Gupta has accused the actor of transferring millions of rupees to his account for a film project in 2016, but the film never started.

According to Saru Gupta, despite Sunny Deol not starting the film, he kept demanding money and after the success of “Gadar 2”, he cut off contact with the producer. The producer also accused the actor of fraud in their contract and turning 40 million rupees into 80 million rupees.

It is clear that Sunny Deol’s showbiz career has been quite ruined since 2000, but in 2023, his film “Gadar 2” was hugely successful and he has started getting new film offers.


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