Sheikh Rashid Ahmed’s interim bail approved in May 9 case


Lahore: The session court in Kohsar accepted the bail for Sheikh Rashid Ahmed in the case related to creating chaos and disturbing people on Nomai. According to Express News, the District and Session Courts in Islamabad held a hearing in the Kohsar police station on the incidents of May 9th, in front of Additional District and Session Judge Tahir Abbas Supra. Sheikh Rashid Ahmed appeared in court where the judge asked about his condition, to which Sheikh Rashid replied that the banks are closed today. The court room burst into laughter at this response. His lawyer mentioned that his name was included in the supplementary charge and the police had raided his house and seized their vehicles used as surety bonds. The judge approved Sheikh Rashid’s bail and prevented his arrest until November 25th. The court also ordered Sheikh Rashid to submit surety bonds worth Rs 5,000 and postponed the hearing until November 25th. Speaking to the media outside the court, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said, “I have obtained bail for the 20th time in Kohsar police station, I have 66 cases and I do not have enough surety, I have never had a bad relationship with the judiciary and institutions. Without good relations with institutions, a nation cannot survive. I am 73 years old and have 86 cases. Today, bail has been accepted in Kohsar police station, thanks to the judge for providing cheap bail, I have never had a bad relationship with big people, I request big people to release innocent people who do not even have surety.”


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