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In my opinion, everyone who has political consciousness and loves their country will be familiar with the political struggle of Sheikhul Hind, Rahmatullah Alaih. However, because my grandfather, who was a student of Sheikhul Hind, Maulana Abdul Hakim Al-Dajwi, and my uncle, Sheikhul Hind Maulana Muhammad Sadiq Sahib, were both students of Sheikhul Hind, we continued to hear from our father, our respected father and uncle’s teacher and mentor, about the scholarly and political stature of Sheikhul Hind.

I will make an effort to summarize what I heard about Sheikhul Hind from my father. Sheikhul Hind’s life, his unwavering determination, his leadership role in the freedom movement and jihad for independence, were an example to all. They worked tirelessly, not only to liberate the subcontinent from British rule but also for the dignity of the Muslim community.

They formed an organization in 1878, called the ‘Anjuman Thamarat al-Tartib’, under the guidance and command of their teacher, Maulana Qasim Nanautwi. This organization, despite apparently being a social organization for the sons of Darul Uloom Deoband, was actually formed with the goal of advancing the cause of freedom and jihad for independence.

Sheikhul Hind assigned his student, Maulana Rashid Sindhi, to carry out secret and organized efforts for the freedom of India in the surrounding areas of Sindh. This movement re-emerged under the new name ‘Jamiat al-Ansar’ in 1909, with Maulana Sindhi taking the lead. This movement gained momentum and later emerged as ‘Nizam-e-Maarif al-Quraniyah’.

When the War of Independence began in 1914, and the Ottoman Empire was in danger, Sheikhul Hind decided to begin the Jihad movement, which later came to be called the ‘Tehreek Reshmi Rumal’. In essence, Sheikhul Hind spent all his life in struggle and Jihad for the cause.

Now we come to the political situation and current state of affairs in Pakistan, where Maulana Fazlur Rehman’s struggle and politics are heading. He is not just a political leader but also a spiritual guide and mentor to his followers. Despite criticisms, today’s critics are not only amazed by Maulana’s resistance to electoral fraud but are also beginning to realize that the success of the resistance movement is not possible without Maulana.

Today, Maulana is engaged in a relentless struggle against electoral manipulation, former allies, and their handlers for the 2024 elections. The critics are marveled by Maulana’s determination and resolute stance against electoral fraud.

In conclusion, Maulana’s strong stance against electoral fraud and his commitment to holding fair elections are gestures towards maintaining the principles of justice and democracy. If we eliminate bias and look at Maulana’s efforts with clarity, we can see that Maulana’s determination and struggle are reminiscent of Sheikhul Hind’s political legacy, which was unique to him.


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