Senegal’s Highest Court Upholds Bassirou Diomaye Faye’s Election Win


Senegal’s Constitutional Council officially confirmed opposition candidate Bassirou Diomaye Faye as the winner of the presidential election, paving the way for his inauguration as the country’s fifth president on April 2. Faye, at 44 years old, will become Africa’s youngest president. His victory, with over 54% of the votes, came just 10 days after being released from prison. Faye, also known as ‘Diomaye’, ran under the slogan “Ousmane mooy Diomaye”, emphasizing his ties to popular opposition figure Ousmane Sonko. Both men have a background in law and tax inspection and have pledged to bring change and fight corruption in Senegal. The African Union and French President Emmanuel Macron have congratulated Faye on his win and expressed their support for the new leadership.


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