Seema Haider Takes Legal Action Against Mithilesh Bhati for Offensive Remarks


Seema Haider, a woman from India, has recently sent a legal notice to her neighbour, Mithilesh Bhati, over her derogatory comments targeting Seema’s husband, Sachin Mehta, referring to him as “Lappu Sa Sachin”. The video of Mithilesh’s offensive remarks went viral on social media, receiving widespread attention.

In the video, Mithilesh questions Seema Haider’s motives for associating with Sachin Mehta, asserting that she does not find anything remarkable about him.

Seema Haider has decided to take legal action against Mithilesh Bhati for her continuous verbal attacks on Sachin Mehta. The remarks made by Mithilesh, questioning his integrity, were repeatedly voiced in various media outlets.

AP Singh, Seema Haider’s lawyer, stated in an interaction with the media that every husband would react strongly to such derogatory comments. He emphasized that insults based on skin color and physical attributes should not be tolerated.

“In a diverse country like ours, insults based on skin color and physical features will not be tolerated,” stated the counsel. “We are planning to pursue legal action against the woman.”

Mithilesh Bhati claimed that her words were not intended as insults and were said in a fit of anger.

“Such language is commonly used in our colloquial conversations. People often call me ‘lappi,’ but that does not mean I consider myself as one. I have not insulted anyone,” she defended her statements.

It is worth mentioning that Seema Ghulam Haider and Sachin Mehta became friends while playing the popular mobile game PUBG. Seema allegedly entered India illegally with her four children via Nepal to meet Sachin. They were arrested by the police, and an investigation has been launched into the matter.


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