Supreme Court Urged to Take Action Against Jaranwala Church Attackers in Pakistan


The Voice of Christians International (VCI) has requested the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take action against the tragic incident in Jaranwala, where 20 churches and several homes were damaged. Samuel Makson, the VCI Director for Human Rights, filed a single-page application under Order 33 Rule 6 of the Supreme Court Rules 1980, seeking justice in the case.

Makson highlights the brutal incident that occurred on August 16, where multiple churches, Holy Bibles, and residences of the Christian community were burned. He recalls that the Supreme Court has an ongoing case concerning the implementation of a 2014 judgement on minorities’ rights, which aims to promote religious and social tolerance.

Islamic scholars have also expressed their condemnation of the Jaranwala rampage, emphasizing that it goes against the principles of Islam. They urged the government to take strict action against the perpetrators of the attacks. Central Ruet-i-Hilal Committee Chairman, Maulana Abul Khabir Azad, called for the formation of a high-level commission to investigate the tragedy.

Maulana Azad emphasized that neither Islam nor Shariah permits the burning of houses or places of worship. He stated that it is the responsibility of the Islamic state to protect minorities, as guaranteed by the Constitution. He condemned the Jaranwala incident and warned against allowing individuals to take the law into their own hands.

Prominent religious scholar Mufti Taqi Usmani also criticized the incident, calling it shameful and highly condemnable. He stressed that no one has the authority to take the law into their own hands and attack peaceful Christian citizens. Mufti Taqi emphasized that the incident goes against fundamental Islamic teachings and tarnishes the image of Islam and Muslims.

The Supreme Court had previously issued a verdict in 2014, instructing law enforcement agencies to promptly register criminal cases for desecrating places of worship of minorities or violating their rights. The verdict also called for the discouragement of hate speeches on social media and the prosecution of offenders. The judgement was made in response to a bomb attack on a Peshawar church in 2013.

It is crucial for the Supreme Court to address the Jaranwala incident and take appropriate action. Pakistan must uphold its commitment to protecting the rights and safety of all its citizens, regardless of their religious beliefs. The unity and harmony among different religious communities in the country are essential for its progress and development.


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