Russia-Ukraine conflict: Timeline of major developments on day 757 | Latest updates on Russia-Ukraine war


Here are the developments in the ongoing war as it enters its 757th day on Friday, March 22, 2024.

– Russia launched missiles on Kyiv, injuring 17 people, including two hypersonic missiles.
– One person was killed and four injured in a missile attack on Mykolaiv.
– Russia claimed to have captured a village west of Avdiivka, while Ukraine repelled attacks in Donetsk.
– Ukrainian-backed paramilitary groups continued cross-border attacks on Russian regions.

Politics and diplomacy:
– Russia handed over six Ukrainian children following Qatar’s mediation.
– US journalist Evan Gershkovich remained in a Moscow prison on spying charges.
– Russia arrested four people for plotting terrorist attacks against military sites or supporting Ukraine.
– Russian poet Alexander Byvshev was jailed for criticizing the invasion of Ukraine.
– Two students in southwestern Russia were jailed for attempted sabotage on the railway network.
– A senior Ukrainian army official was detained for embezzlement charges.

– Russia’s production of artillery shells and components significantly increased.
– Mass production of high-explosive bombs began in February.
– NATO Military Committee Chief called for urgent aid to Ukraine during a visit to Kyiv.
– Hungary declined to join a plan to procure ammunition for Ukraine, while Poland committed to support financially and logistically.
– Australia joined a drone coalition led by the UK and Latvia to aid Ukraine’s war efforts.


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