Russia-Ukraine conflict: A rundown of significant developments on day 810 | Latest updates on Russia-Ukraine war


As the war reaches its 810th day, the main developments on Tuesday, May 14, 2024, include:

– Russia has expanded its ground assault on Ukraine’s Kharkiv region, evacuating thousands of people from areas such as Vovchansk.
– Despite the latest offensive, Ukraine’s Security Council chief said there is no immediate threat of a ground assault on Kharkiv.
– Russia claims to have improved its tactical position near four settlements in the Kharkiv region and destroyed missiles and drones launched by Ukraine.

Politics and diplomacy:
– Serbian Prime Minister expressed support for Ukraine in its war against Russia but did not commit to sanctions against Moscow.
– Ukraine thwarted a Russian plan to carry out bomb attacks in Kyiv and Lviv, leading to the detention of two Russian military agents.
– Five Ukrainian citizens were jailed on the Crimean peninsula for sharing military intelligence with Kyiv.

– The United States is working to rush weapons to Ukraine, with a new arms package expected to be announced soon.
– Ukraine’s Commander-in-Chief and Defence Minister discussed assistance with US officials, including the situation on the battlefield.


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