Retailer and supplier in Malaysia charged for selling socks with ‘Allah’ design | Religious News


The sale of socks bearing the word “Allah” during the holy month of Ramadan has sparked outrage among Muslims in Malaysia. Eight individuals, including executives from retail chain KK Super Mart and supplier Xin Jian Chang, have been charged with hurting religious feelings. The defendants pleaded not guilty and face possible jail time, fines, or both if convicted.

The association of the word “Allah” with feet was seen as insulting, as it is considered highly esteemed in the eyes of Muslims. The incident prompted a rare royal rebuke from Malaysia’s king, who called for a thorough investigation and strict action against those found guilty. The socks, which were part of a larger shipment, were deemed inappropriate and offensive by many.

KK Super Mart and Xin Jian Chang have issued apologies for the incident and have taken steps to address the issue. The executives have been released on bail and the next hearing is scheduled for April 29. The controversy has highlighted the sensitivity of religious matters in the Muslim-majority nation.


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