Restrictions on the import of dry milk demanded, increase in import duty urged


If income cannot be increased, the income tax should be increased five times, Mehmoodullah. Photo: File

Lahore: Dairy products traders have demanded a complete ban on dry milk income or an increase in import duty on it.

Dairy Cattle Farming, Corporate Dairy Farming Association, Farmers Board and Buffalo Breeders Smith and other organizations have urged the federal government to gradually phase out the income from dry milk to save livestock farmers’ businesses and dairy companies from closure.

They said that the dairy farming sector in the country is already suffering from a serious crisis, and efforts are being made to reduce the deficit in dry milk income and customs duty.

They said that companies importing dry milk have proposed to further reduce duty on income in the upcoming budget, increasing dry milk income and reducing duty will harm the local industry.

According to sources, there are 12 dry milk plants in the country and their daily production is 10,000 bags, with 75% income from European countries and 30% income from Malaysia subject to duty of 20% which has been proposed to be reduced.


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