Rebel Writers in Palestine and Syria: Exploring Politics


Explore the lives of Muin Bseiso, a Palestinian poet, and Constantin Zurayk, a Christian Syrian professor, who both dedicated their work to championing the Palestinian cause. Despite coming from different parts of the Middle East, they shared a common goal of advocating for Arab nationalism and the rights of Palestinians.

Bseiso’s poetry painted a vivid picture of life in Gaza under Egyptian control, leading to his imprisonment twice due to his left-wing political beliefs. Zurayk, on the other hand, was a revolutionary Arab nationalist who taught history at the American University of Beirut and secretly supported armed resistance groups across the region. He was one of the first to use the term “Nakba” to describe the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians during the founding of Israel in 1948.

The documentary film “Rebel Writers: Palestine & Syria” delves into the lives of these two remarkable individuals who played a significant role in advocating for Arab nationalism and the Palestinian cause through their literary and academic contributions.


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