Putin cautions the West about the dangers of nuclear war – Global Alert


President Vladimir Putin issued a stark warning to Western countries on Thursday, stating that their deployment of troops to Ukraine could lead to a nuclear war. He emphasized that Moscow possesses the capability to strike targets in the West, escalating tensions to levels not seen since the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Putin, addressing lawmakers and elites in Russia, accused the West of attempting to weaken his country and meddling in what he deemed as Russia’s internal affairs. Specifically, he criticized the idea of European Nato members sending ground troops to Ukraine, cautioning that such actions could provoke a conflict involving nuclear weapons.
With the Russian presidential election approaching, Putin boasted about the country’s modernized nuclear arsenal, claiming it to be the largest in the world. He warned Western leaders to remember the consequences faced by historical figures who invaded Russia, asserting that the outcome this time would be even more catastrophic.
Despite dismissing claims that Russian forces may target European countries beyond Ukraine, Putin stressed the need to bolster troops along the western borders with the European Union. He also expressed a willingness to engage in discussions on nuclear strategic stability with the United States, but criticized Washington for making baseless accusations against Russia to further its own agenda.


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