Punjab Government Denies Bilawal’s Allegations


A spokesperson for the caretaker government of Punjab has stated that comparing Punjab with Sindh is completely inaccurate.

They emphasized that although the Punjab government has been working for the past 9.5 months, it would be wrong to make comparisons with Sindh.

The spokesperson pointed out that the Sindh Assembly was dissolved 2.5 months ago after completing its tenure, and clarified that the development projects of the Punjab government were not influenced by political motives.

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The spokesperson also highlighted that the projects of the provincial government are closely monitored by the Election Commission of Pakistan to prevent politicization before their approval.

Furthermore, the Sindh government will also receive permission to improve the condition of hospitals. The Punjab government has halted all projects initiated by former MNAs and MPAs.

The spokesperson assured that the caretaker Punjab government remains impartial, prioritizing relief for the general public without pursuing any political agenda.


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