PTI: Real Criminals Are Those Who Disrespect Martyrs for Vile Political Purposes


Islamabad: The spokesperson of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has stated that the martyrs are our heroes and a shared asset of the nation, without any political or group divisions. The spokesperson mentioned in a statement that those who disrespect the martyrs by using them as a tool to achieve their selfish political goals during the fulfillment of the duty of defending the country are the real criminals.

The PTI spokesperson said that the attacks on the armed forces and its martyrs are a tradition of Nawaz Sharif, his daughter, and his cronies, including Khawaja Asif and Ata Tarar, whom the people have rejected. However, by manipulating the mandate and forcibly bringing them into the parliament, the criminals were given a platform.

The spokesperson emphasized that attacks on the honor and dignity of the martyrs from within the federal cabinet are a big test for the state. The Prime Usurper is throwing his ministers into the mix and using the martyrs as fuel for his politics, hurting the sentiments of their families and the nation.


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