Pressure Increases on Israel for Gaza Ceasefire After Rafah Raid, Described as Irresponsible, Illegal, and Inhumane – Pakistan


Pakistan has condemned the Israeli military aggression against Rafah in Gaza and the resulting destruction and massacre of the Palestinian people. The UN rights chief has urged world powers to “restrain rather than enable” the military operation. Israel faced growing international pressure to agree to a ceasefire with Hamas as it prepared for an incursion in the southern Gaza city of Rafah where more than a million Palestinians are trapped.

The countries and organisations that have voiced their concern and urged Israel to not proceed with its planned offensive in Rafah include Saudi Arabia, Egypt, China, Japan, Malaysia, Cuba, and others. The United States has angered some Middle East allies by consistently refusing to call for a full ceasefire. Jordan’s King Abdullah II appealed for a full ceasefire to end the Gaza offensive after talks with US President Joe Biden, with both leaders warning against an indiscriminate Israeli ground incursion into Rafah.


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