PPP Leader Khursheed Shah Doubts Nawaz Sharif’s Return to Pakistan in October


In a recent statement, PPP leader Syed Khursheed Shah expressed doubts about PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif’s return to Pakistan in October, despite Shehbaz Sharif’s announcement. After meeting his brother in London, Shehbaz had stated that Nawaz would return to Pakistan in October after consulting with the party’s senior leadership. However, Shah believes that Nawaz’s poor health might prevent him from returning.

The PML-N leadership is concerned that Nawaz may face imprisonment upon his return due to pending court appeals and the fact that he has been declared an absconder. Shah emphasized that Nawaz’s health is not good and there is a possibility that he might become unwell at the last moment.

Nawaz has been residing in the United Kingdom since November 2019 for medical treatment following his conviction in a corruption case. Despite media speculation since October last year, Nawaz has not yet returned to Pakistan.

Shah’s Views on reducing Power Prices

In light of countrywide protests against inflated electricity bills, Shah criticized the previous coalition government for not reducing power prices. He stated that power prices could have been decreased by Rs3-4 per unit. Recent protests have highlighted the significant increase in the national average tariff, leading to public resentment. Shah believes that even the interim government could alleviate public frustration by reducing power prices by Rs10-15 per unit.

Shah emphasized that providing relief to the people through a decrease in power prices is feasible and necessary. He believes that a significant reduction in electricity bills would help alleviate the burden on the public, especially during these challenging times.

Despite the challenges faced by the power sector, Shah remains optimistic that the government can take measures to provide relief to the people and address their concerns over high electricity bills. He believes that a reduction in power prices is not only possible but also crucial for the well-being and prosperity of the Pakistani people.


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