Portuguese Tourist’s Body to be Handed Over to Mission in Karachi


Sadly, a Portuguese tourist named Vilao Castanheira lost his life in a tragic road accident on the RCD highway near Dalbandin in the Chagai district. However, his mortal remains will soon be sent back to Portugal with the help of the Portuguese mission staff in Karachi.

The Portugal embassy is making all the necessary arrangements to dispatch the coffin to the country so that Vilao Castanheira can be laid to rest in his homeland.

Vilao Castanheira had entered Pakistan through the Iran border on his motorbike, on a mission to travel to over 50 countries in the next two years. However, his journey was cut short when he encountered a fatal accident in the area of Talu and Bara Tagizri Landhi, near Dalbandin. His motorbike collided head-on with a pickup, claiming his life.

The authorities wasted no time and took swift action. The driver and helper of the pickup involved in the accident were promptly arrested. Meanwhile, rescue officials rushed the body of the deceased tourist to the nearby Prince Fahad hospital, from where it was later sent to Quetta for onward transportation to Karachi.

Vilao Castanheira was travelling on a tourist visa, according to his travel documents. His adventurous spirit led him on a mission to explore different countries on his beloved motorbike. Sadly, his dreams were cut short by this tragic accident.

As the Portuguese mission staff in Karachi prepares to hand over his body to the embassy, it is a somber reminder of the risks involved in embarking on such daring journeys. May Vilao Castanheira’s soul rest in peace, and may his loved ones find solace in being able to lay him to rest in his home country.


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