Police: 2 dead in Bangladesh border skirmish with Myanmar


Monday saw two people lose their lives in a village in Bangladesh due to mortar shells fired from Myanmar during clashes across the border. One victim, 48-year-old Hosne Ara, was serving lunch to an unnamed ethnic Rohingya man, who was hired by her family for farm work, when the mortar hit their kitchen. The man also tragically lost his life in the incident.

The recent clashes are a result of the Arakan Army ending a ceasefire that had held since a 2021 coup, leading to frequent fighting near the border with Bangladesh. Amidst the violence, 95 border officers from Myanmar have taken shelter in Bangladeshi border posts. Additionally, Doctors Without Borders has provided medical assistance to 17 patients in Cox’s Bazar following the fighting, with all patients sustaining gunshot wounds.

The situation remains tense as an alliance of insurgents, including the Arakan Army, continues to engage in fighting near the Bangladeshi and Indian border, despite a China-mediated ceasefire announced last month.


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