PML-N welcomes six independent members to join their party in Pakistan


Waseem Qadir, an MNA-elect from NA-121, has joined PML-N after previously being associated with PTI. His decision to join PML-N has raised concerns over PTI’s ability to retain its independent candidates. Several other independent MNAs-elect have also joined PML-N, including Raja Khurram Nawaz, Barrister Aqeel, Pir Zahoor Hussain Qureshi, Sardar Shamsher Mazari, and Barrister Mian Khan Bugti. Additionally, Mohammad Saqib Khan Chaddhar, a winner from PP-97, has also joined PML-N. These moves come as PML-N and PPP are making efforts to attract independent members-elect to increase their tally in the National and Provincial Assemblies.


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