PIA Urged to Return ‘Properties’ by CAA


The CEO of PIA received a letter from CAA officials requesting the physical possession of abandoned space/land/building to reduce the national airline’s rental expenditure. The GM of PIA directed all departments to provide details of unused buildings and abandoned land by December 15. Meanwhile, the CAA director general informed the aviation ministry about reclaiming unused properties from PIA. The federal government divided CAA into two separate entities, Pakistan Airports Authority (PAA) and Civil Aviation. Both entities will have separate heads and responsibilities. PAA will oversee the country’s airports, while CAA will monitor matters related to the airport system, flight landing approval, and flight safety. The government’s decision to outsource management of major airports led to protests from CAA employees. The outsourcing process is underway at Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad airports as a public-private partnership to generate foreign exchange reserves.


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