PIA Grounds 11 Aircraft, Three Deemed Beyond Repair – Pakistan


Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is facing a serious financial crisis, resulting in the grounding of 11 aircraft, including three Boeing 777s. The national flag carrier has been struggling to procure spare parts due to a lack of funds for the past three years.

Two of the grounded Boeing 777 aircraft were taken out of service in 2020, while the remaining one was grounded in 2021. In addition, five A320 aircraft have been grounded, with two in 2021 and three in 2023. PIA also grounded three ATR aircraft, one each in 2020, 2022, and 2023.

A spokesperson for PIA confirmed that the grounding of 11 aircraft is due to the financial challenges faced by the airline, including its dependency on foreign currency. The spokesperson also mentioned that three of the grounded planes, including a Boeing 777, Airbus, and ATR, are beyond repair due to engine and part shortages.

Currently, PIA is operating with the remaining 20 aircraft, but a shortage of aircraft may occur if flight operations are increased, especially on international routes. PIA’s network covers 19 countries in Asia, Europe, and North America.

In a separate development, the office of the Senior Staff Association (SSA) has been closed by PIA management to maintain order and ensure smooth functioning of the corporation’s activities. This move has been met with opposition from SSA members, who consider the closure illegal and an attempt to sabotage the organization’s peace.

In response to the planned privatization of the national flag carrier and demands for increased employee salaries, the People’s Unity continues its protest. The PIA office in Rawalpindi was closed for two hours, and the protest will continue until all demands are accepted. The People’s Unity is also planning a countrywide strike on Tuesday to stop the privatization process and secure permanent employment for all daily-wage employees.

PIA’s current situation is a result of its financial crisis, making it difficult to operate its full fleet of aircraft. The airline’s efforts to address these challenges and meet the demands of its workforce will be crucial for its future stability and success.


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