Pakistan’s long-awaited success in cricket likely to be overshadowed by another disappointing World Cup performance in 2023 – Sport


Pakistan’s cricket team has made a significant improvement by casting aside underperforming players in their match against Bangladesh. Although it may be too late for them to make a comeback in this World Cup, the team has shown promise with their new lineup. The changes made in the team have made Pakistan seem like a strong team that shouldn’t have lost four consecutive games. One player, Muhammad Nawaz, has not contributed enough with both bat and ball and doesn’t deserve a place in the team. Fakhar Zaman, who replaced him, proved his worth with an impressive performance. On the other hand, Imam-ul-Haq has failed to meet the requirements of a modern international white-ball cricketer. Despite the team’s failures in past World Cups, they must learn from their mistakes and aim for a glorious failure if they are unable to recover in this tournament.


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