Pakistan’s Dar urges government to implement a comprehensive plan to address rise in terrorism


PML-N leader and Leader of the House in the Senate Ishaq Dar has demanded a clear-cut program from the caretaker government to address the increase in terrorism in Pakistan. He pointed out the recent surge in terror activities in KP and Balochistan after the TTP ended its ceasefire with the government. The caretaker Prime Minister had attributed the rise in terrorist attacks to the Taliban government in Afghanistan and the government’s decision to deport all illegal immigrants. Dar emphasized the need for a detailed analysis of the reasons behind the increase in terrorism and urged the government to formulate a comprehensive plan to address the issue. He criticized the previous policy of rapprochement with the TTP and relations with the Afghan Taliban, calling for accountability and an apology from those involved in releasing hardcore militants. Dar stressed the importance of collective efforts to effectively address the surge in militancy.


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