Pakistan’s concern over the suspension of funding for the Palestinian refugee agency


Pakistan has expressed deep concerns over the decision made by certain countries to suspend funding for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) to aid Palestine Refugees in the Near East. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson emphasized that the timing of this suspension is troubling, especially amidst the ongoing war, displacement, and suffering of the residents of Gaza who rely on critical aid from UNRWA for their daily survival.

The spokesperson further highlighted the vital role of UNRWA as the primary humanitarian agency in Gaza, providing shelter, vital food, and primary healthcare services even under the most intense conditions. Additionally, the spokesperson stated that the decision to suspend funding in response to allegations against a small group of staff is unjustifiable, and emphasized the necessity of prioritizing the continuity of UNRWA’s operations to sustain the survival of the people of Gaza.

Pakistan also urged all countries that have suspended their funding for UNRWA to reconsider their decision in order to avoid suspension of the Agency’s humanitarian work.


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