Pakistan Urgently Appeals for Ceasefire and Cessation of Violence in Gaza


Pakistan strongly condemned the Israeli Occupation forces for their collective punishment of the Palestinian population in Gaza, labeling it as “war crimes and crimes against humanity” and even likening it to genocide. Ambassador Munir Akram expressed his concern about the ongoing human tragedy, with thousands of Palestinians, including many children, being killed or wounded during the 20-day campaign of bombardment and air strikes by Israel. He highlighted that entire families and neighborhoods have been destroyed, leaving the Palestinian people without access to essential resources like water, food, and fuel. The ambassador called on the UN General Assembly to vote in favor of a resolution submitted by Jordan on behalf of Arab and Islamic countries, which seeks an immediate, durable, and sustained humanitarian truce, compliance with international law, and the continuous and unhindered provision of aid to Gaza. He also urged the assembly to reject a Canadian amendment that condemns the attacks by Hamas in Israel. Ambassador Akram emphasized the need for accountability for the crimes committed during the conflict and suggested exploring ways to prevent such a massacre from happening again in the future.


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