More than 60% of Candidates Fail Written Test for Trade Officer Positions


In a disappointing outcome, all candidates from the Secretariat, Trade Promotion Services, and Economist groups have failed the written test for trade officer positions. However, the commerce and trade group had the highest number of successful candidates, with 35 individuals passing the test.

The Pakistan Administrative Service had the highest success rate, with 56.6% of candidates passing the test. Unfortunately, all five candidates from the Secretariat Group, as well as four candidates from the Trade Promotion Service and Economist Group, were unsuccessful.

Out of 56 candidates from the Commerce and Trade Group, only 35 passed the test, while the remaining 21 failed. Similarly, only 30 out of 87 candidates from the Inland Revenue Service Group were successful, with the majority, 57 candidates, failing to clear the test.

From the Pakistan Customs Services, 14 out of 51 candidates successfully cleared the test, while 37 were unsuccessful. In the Pakistan Administrative Service group, 13 out of 23 candidates passed the test, while 10 did not succeed.

The Office Management Group saw only five out of 16 candidates succeed in the written test, with the remaining 11 being unsuccessful. Only one out of three candidates from the Pakistan Audit and Accounts Service passed the test. Additionally, only two out of 11 candidates from the private sector were successful.

Trade Officers in Foreign Countries

Back in July, the federal government approved the appointment of 40 new trade officers to be stationed abroad. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif formed an interview board for this purpose.

The positions include eight grade 20 officers, 23 grade 19 officers, and nine grade 18 officers, to be appointed in foreign countries. The government allocated a 10% quota for overseas Pakistanis and the private sector, 40% for the commerce and trade group for grade 20 positions, 50% for grade 19 positions, and 60% for grade 18 positions.

The maximum age for trade officer appointments is 56 years, and each appointment will have a tenure of three years. Candidates must undergo interviews and tests before being appointed as trade officers.

The trade officers will be stationed in Sydney, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Jakarta, Riyadh, Washington, London, Kandahar, Tokyo, New Delhi, Bangkok, New York, Madrid, Jeddah, and other locations.

Commerce Minister Naveed Qamar heads the interview board, which includes members from the secretary of commerce, the secretary of the foreign ministry, the secretary of the establishment division, the secretary of the Board of Investment, and experts from the private sector. The interview board will assign scores to candidates and recommend trade officers after conducting interviews.

Once approved by the prime minister, the trade officers will be assigned to their respective stations.


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