No one is accepting defeat from Ireland, says PCB Chairman


It is important for the team to focus on fielding, says Mohsin Khan.

Dublin: Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, Mohsin Khan, has stated that he is not accepting defeat in the first match against Ireland. Mohsin Khan met with the national players in Dublin for a lengthy two-hour meeting, discussing detailed strategy for the future. The PCB chairman boosted the morale of the players.

Mohsin Khan emphasized hard work, passion, and a professional approach towards playing, stating that T20 cricket requires a different and aggressive approach. He stated that victory is possible only by playing according to the modern and new styles of T20 cricket. While tactical arrangements can be made in the room, the actual test is on the field where performance should be visible.

He mentioned that all players are undoubtedly talented, professional, and the bowling attack of the national team is excellent. However, there is a need to focus on fielding so that the opposing team does not get a chance. He expressed hope in the players representing Pakistan and fulfilling the expectations of the nation. Teamwork is fundamental for success, as 11 players standing united for Pakistan will lead to success.

Mohsin Khan stated that the Pakistani nation loves cricket and has hopes in their players. He urged the players to fight until the last ball and show resilience in the face of challenges. He mentioned that he is not accepting defeat in the first match against Ireland. After Ireland and England, the real test is the World Cup.

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