No new development project will be initiated in the new fiscal year, says Additional Secretary of Municipalities.


The Additional Secretary of Municipalities in Sindh has announced that ongoing projects will be completed according to the budget for the next financial year—Photo: File

Karachi: Additional Chief Secretary Sindh Khalid Hyder Shah has revealed that no new development projects will be initiated in the upcoming fiscal year, but the existing projects will be completed.

Speaking to journalists, the Additional Chief Secretary Municipalities, Khalid Hyder Shah, disclosed budget cuts in development projects and stated that in the fiscal year 2025, no new development schemes will be included for Karachi and throughout Sindh, only ongoing development projects will continue.

The Additional Chief Secretary Municipalities stated that only projects currently underway from the fiscal year 2023-24 or earlier will be completed, and if necessary, revisions can be made.

He mentioned that the ongoing projects under the Provincial Enhancement Program (AIDP) will be completed in the fiscal year 2024-25, requiring 60 to 62 billion rupees for ongoing schemes throughout the province, including Karachi.

During a media briefing in his office, the Additional Chief Secretary Municipalities stated that there is a demand from local councils to increase grants; however, no proposals have been sent yet. The grant is currently 80 billion rupees and can possibly be increased to 120 billion rupees.

He added that there are currently 1600 UCs in Sindh, with each UC being allocated 500,000 rupees per month for expenses, and there is also a demand for an increase in this allocation.

Due to budget cuts in development projects in the upcoming fiscal year, questions have been raised regarding the development of Karachi and the entire province of Sindh. Senior municipal officers have deemed the upcoming fiscal year as a non-development year for Sindh.


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